Saturday, 21 March 2009

My favourite sites/blogs

As a follower of the credit crunch and a Bachelor of the Science of Economics I have a few opinions of my own. In this blog I will sometimes expound these views. However, in this post, I will tell you where I acquire my information, and which ideas I see. Firstly, I would like to recommend Baseline Scenario as a source of analysis on the credit crunch. It has an explanation of the situation's causes (as they see it) and several daily posts on policy proposals and economic data.I would also recommend and Paul Krugman's twice weekly Op-Ed articles in the New York Times. Various other contributors on also have interesting views.The Economist always has interesting views on current affairs (not just Economics) but here I will recommend their columnist blogs, available here: I particularly like Bagehot, Charlemagne, Free Exchange and Democracy in America, but the others are also worth reading.I'll also mention Greg Mankiw: and the New York Review of Books: which has some interesting articles (updated approximately fortnightly, in line with their print copy).
For Formula 1, I will recommend and but if you want lots of information provides links to many of the main news sources for the sport. Former commentator James Allen has a blog available at
Assorted other sites draw in my daily attention -,,, and for news and cartoons.
Finally, I would like to promote my very first attempt at a website: and its newer version: which sells good quality sunglasses at low prices. Prescription sunglasses are available, as are designer names (including Porsche!)

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