Sunday, 5 April 2009

Immediate response

Well, track action finished an hour ago, and the race was "ended" half an hour ago, but still, this is my version of an immediate response.

1. Congratulations Timo Glock. He judged his tyre choices perfectly, managing to put on inters, when nobody else did, on a track that clearly (he was quicker by 8-12 seconds than other drivers) suited them. When they wore out (he'd been pushing to take further advantage) all the other drivers had given up on their full wets, and so he switched to full wets (on an increasingly sodden track) just as everyone switched to inters. He therefore saved himself from stopping AGAIN for wets.

2. My prediction for dry then wet more or less came true. Whoever had fuelled for slightly longer than it remained dry benefitted. As it turned out, Heidfeld took best advantage, finishing 2nd.

3. My finishing predictions were better this weekend than last, at first glance. Here's my points score:
Thursday: 6/16 (5 drivers in top 8, Jenson correctly placed)
Friday: 6/16 (5 drivers in top 8, Jenson correctly placed)
Saturday: 7/16 (5 drivers in top 8, Jenson and Jarno correctly placed)

Only Heidfeld, of the top 8, did I not predict at all, whilst I "only" chose 4 drivers who didn't score. Compare this to Trulli and Bourdais surprising me in Melbourne, with 8 drivers chosen who didn't feature. Let's see how those figures improve (or don't) over the rest of the year.

For the record, the result and the championship positions:

Win: Jenson Button
2nd: Nick Heidfeld
3rd: Timo Glock
4th: Jarno Trulli
5th: Rubens Barrichello
6th: Mark Webber
7th: Lewis Hamilton
8th: Nico Rosberg

Drivers' Championship:
1. Button 15 points
2. Barrichello 10
3. Trulli 8.5
4. Glock 8
5. Heidfeld 4
6. Alonso 4
7. Rosberg 3.5
8. Buemi 2
9. Webber 1.5
10. Hamilton 1
11. Bourdais 1
12. Everyone else 0

Constructors' Chamionship:
1. Brawn 25
2. Toyota 16.5 (despite both starting from the pits in Australia)
3. BMW 4
4. Renault 4
5. Williams 3.5
6. Toro Rosso 3
7. Red Bull 1.5
8. McLaren 1
9/10. Ferrari and Force India 0.

Yes, that's right, only Ferrari and Force India are yet to score (last season's best and worst team, excluding Super Aguri).

Early days still, but as it stands, Trulli and Jenson could be the title fight. Interestingly, with Trulli's half point, this season could be even closer than the last two seasons....

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