Sunday, 19 April 2009

Prediction assesment

Well the BBC made the best weather prediction. I hadn't believed the rain forecast (assuming it to be an outside chance). The Red Bull is the best car in the wet, that much was clear in Malaysia. The rain, starting under the safety car and the re-emergence of the same on lap 18 scuppered all predictions. It meant that James Allen's predictions were closer to the mark (all about 1-2 laps later than mine) and the BBC's further away (about 2 laps earlier). Perhaps in Bahrain we can get an idea whose methodolgy works best.

My prediction results (same rules as always, 1pt if named driver finishes in top 8, extra point if it is in position predicted):
Thursday: 6/16 (5 drivers, Jenson correctly placed 3rd)
Friday: 6/16 (6 drivers, none in the right place)
Saturday: 8/16 (5 drivers, Webber, Button and Hamilton all correctly placed).
In total I listed 13 different drivers, 6 of whom scored points and 3 in the positions I gave. Shows how predictable this sport is, I suppose. Yesterday's prediction was the best I've managed all year.

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