Wednesday, 25 March 2009

F1 2009 Predictions

Planet f1 have three pages of predictions, whose questions I'll attempt to answer. Firstly:,18954,3265_5098087,00.html
Ferrari: Massa to beat Raikkonen*
McLaren: Hamilton to beat Kovaleinen
BMW: Heidfeld to beat Kubica*^
Toyota: Glock to beat Trulli*^
Red Bull: Vettel to beat Webber
Brawn: Barrichello to beat Button*
Williams: Nakajima to beat Rosberg*^
Renault: Alonso to beat Piquet jnr
Toro Rosso: Buemi to beat Bourdais
Force India: Sutil to beat Fisichella
*disagree with PF1, ^would reverse 2008 result.

Secondly (and thirdly) some more general predictions:,18954,3265_5093910,00.html
Drivers Champion: Barrichello (agreeing with 0/5)
Constructors: Brawn (0)
Button v Hamilton: Button (1)
Melbourne pole: Button (2)
First retirement at Melbourne: Kubica in a first corner accident (0)
Biggest scandal: something related to the collapse of FOTA (0)
Raikkonen v Massa: Massa (2)
Was Brawn's testing pace real?: Yes (3 and 2 kind ofs)
Toyota's breakthrough year?: No (2),18954,3265_5097878,00.html
Points for Force India? Yes (4)
Where will Hamilton first see stewards? Bahrain (0)
Max Mosley re-elected? Yes (Mugabe is more likely to step down willingly) (3)
GP to be axed: Hungary (crisis hits) (1)
Kubica v Heidfeld: Heidfeld (0 - they are VERY dismissive of Heidfeld, who beat Kubica in 2007)
Disappointment of the year? Brawn falling away mid season (0)
Month of Alonso-Ferrari rumours: May (0)
End of Rubens or Giancarlo? Giancarlo yes, Rubens no. (2)
Surprise: Piquet taking fight to Fernando, albeit in midfield
Mistake: Throwing away second place trying to sneak past at the chicane in Monaco (dunno who, but they'll lose a front wing).

If I remember, I'll come back to this page come November. Remind me, if I forget!

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