Saturday, 28 March 2009

F1 - again

To anyone who reads this purely for the Economics... this isn't for you.

Firstly, the grid (with estimated pit lap in brackets):

Front row: Button (20) Barrichello (21)
2nd row: Vettel (18) Kubica (15)
3rd row: Rosberg (18) Massa* (17)
4th row: Raikkonen* (18) Webber (20)
5th row: Heidfeld* (31) Alonso* (27)
6th row: Nakajima (27) Kovaleinen* (31)
7th row: Buemi (25) Piquet* (32)
8th row: Fisichella (30) Sutil (28)
9th row: Bourdais (20) Hamilton*(17) - Hamiton given 5 place penalty for changing gearbox
Back row: Glock (23) Trulli (19) - Toyota cars' times deleted for use of "flexible" rear wings.

*KERS-using cars. Should have an advantage off the line, we'll find out tomorrow how much.

My updated predictions:
Win - Barrichello
2nd - Button
3rd - Kubica
4th - Raikkonen
5th - Heidfeld
6th - Alonso
7th - Vettel
8th - Nakajima

Again, this assumes some failures to finish. Also, it utilises vast amounts of "wishful thinking" - will Rubens ACTUALLY be able to overtake Jenson? Who knows.

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