Sunday, 29 March 2009

Aussie GP - comment

That ending was ridiculous. Much as I was hoping Kubica and Vettel would take each other out, I never expected it to happen. Vettel then trying to bring a reliant Red Bull home on three wheels. The safety car coming out was necessary, but did it really need to return to the pits with 200m to go?
Still, the fairytale came true. The final result, before any stewarding decisions, of course:
Win - Jenson Button
Second - Rubens Barrichello
Third - Jarno Trulli (from the pit lane)
4th - Lewis Hamiton (despite the McLaren and starting last)
5th - Timo Glock (also from pit lane)
6th - Fernando Alonso
7th - Nico Rosberg (who suffered greatly from putting on the super-soft tyre too early)
8th - Sebastien Buemi (on his debut!)

Assesment of predicitons (1pt for being in top 8 as predicted, 2 points for being where predicted)
Thursday: 6 of possible 16 (5 drivers, Buemi correctly placed)
Friday: 6 of 16 (6 drivers, none correctly placed)
Saturday: 4 of 16 (3 drivers, Alonso correctly placed)

Shows how a little information is a dangerous thing.
EDIT: Due to Trulli's penalty, my predictions now score as below.
Thursday: 6/16 (5 drivers, Alonso correctly placed)
Friday: 7/16 (6 drivers, Alonso correctly placed)
Saturday: 3/16 (3 drivers, none correctly placed).
Still supports the point "a little information..."

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