Saturday, 4 April 2009

The markets this week

G20 summit and the usual turbulence left most markets significantly higher. Here's my weekly update on the performance (reminder: this is to better follow trends, rahter than get swamped by one day's news).

FTSE: up 130.82 points or 3.36%

DOW: up 241.41 points or 3.10%

£: up 5.22 US cents or 3.65%

£: up 2.35 Euro cents or 2.16%

Oil: up $1.87, down £0.01, up €0.83

Gold: down $21, down £35.49, down €24.02

Below I'll include a graph of the value of oil and gold in £ over the past 4 months (18 weekends worth of data) with the gold price divided by 20, so both can be displayed on the same graph.

These lines are a little different from those for the dollar (which are widely published so won't be repeated here). The oil price has been fairly flat in the past fortnight, since movements in its dollar price have matched those in the $/£ exchange rate. The value for gold is, in fact, more volatile in £ than in $, probably because confidence in the world economy causes the gold price to rise, and the value of sterling to fall, emphasising shifts in the £ price of gold. In the past fortnight the price has tumbled, far faster than it appears to have in dollar terms.

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