Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I'll probably do other what ifs, but here is the first:
What if Fernando Alonso had signed for Honda, in the autumn of 2008?

1. Honda probably wouldn't have quit. Santander have fairly deep pockets.
2. Rubens would have been forced into retirement (or perhaps would have pushed harder for a drive at Toro Rosso - hardly better)
3. Renault would be in deep, deep trouble. Piquet kept Hamilton honest in GP2 yet struggles mightily to score points with Renault, and realistically, only Barrichello or a rookie could have replaced Alonso.
4. Alonso would be claiming the credit for Honda's great early season form, and would probably be feuding with Button with far more venom than Villeneuve ever did. Though it would have been interesting to see the two matched up in equal equipment.

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