Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Not exactly brand new, but they are a very useful thing, to those who use them.

I tend to listen to news based podcasts, such as the NY Times' "Front Page" and "Back Story" or the BBC's "Business Daily". The Guardian's "Guardian Daily" is good for anyone who only wants to listen to one news podcast, that more-or-less mirrors the news priorities of BBC/Channel 4 TV news, or the UK's broadsheet (or former broadsheet) newspapers.

Slate has some very interesting podcasts. I subscribe to their "daily podcast" that includes 6 different areas over the week. My favourite is the political gabfest.

Comedy is also well represented in the land of podcasts. Stephen Fry and David Mitchell each have very succesful podcasts that hardly need promotion, but my favourites are the BBC's "Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4" which includes the News Quiz and the Now Show whenever either is in season, and the Onion's "Onion News Network (Video)" which provides twice-weekly 2-3 minute spoofs of 24-hour news reports. The same videos are available (although not full screen) on their website. A recent example is the story: Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport

For formula 1, there are fewer (unless you can recommend any) with the BBC providing (under the name Chequered Flag) a race preview and review for each race and Autosport providing occasional (monthly?) chats about the goings on within the sport.

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